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Welcome To Perth's Most Awarded Day Spa in 2009 - Day Spa Perth Call Us Now On 08 9331 1122 To Book About Le Beau- The Gift of Wellness Day Spa Perth Thanks to the W.A Business Newspaper. On the 5th of March 2008 I, Karen Skewes, the founder and owner of Le Beau Day Spa, was recognised as one of W.A's Top 40 Business Persons, in the ?40 Under 40 Award?. It was fantastic night! It was a fantastic feeling to be recognised in the company of such a high standard. The drive behind my business has always been to create a place where people can just be and make a small difference in their lives, and to create and develop some of Perth's best Beauty and Massage Therapists. If your destination is a day spa in Perth - think Le Beau, Perth's latest resort for style, relaxation, health and beauty. Your spa experience begins on entering, being greeted with our feature water wall and being served refreshments. You may be indulging in a day of Thalasso therapy treatments which use sea water and sea products to promote health and healing. At Le Beau we use Thalgo products which are created from the ocean's natural ingredients. Thalasso therapy enhances the body’s power to heal itself, some believe because the mineral content of the sea is very similar to our blood plasma. Therapists claim that when sea water is heated to blood temperature the minerals present in the water are absorbed into the skin and penetrate the blood stream, enhancing the mineral balance of the body leaving a healthy, rebalanced feeling. At Le Beau we also offer a range of body wrap treatments. There is micronized Marine Algae, an intensively rich marine treatment that keeps detoxifying for 24 hours, rich in natural vitamins and enzymes from the precious algae. The skin is rejuvenated and any skin conditions soothed. Or maybe the Aromaceane Body Wrap, a mud wrap with essential oils to relax or re-energise, detoxify or tone. The perfect start to summer, shed the unwanted dry skin with a Marine Prelude Wrap combining natural marine mud rich in minerals and a marine salt preparation for the most effective exfoliation. These are just a few of the Body Treatment Wraps offered at Le Beau, the best day spa in Perth. Day Spa Perth, Le Beau Day Spa Call 08 9331 1122 Now